Whether it is for maintenance workers, contractors or inspectors, there will always be times when the roof needs to be accessed. Roofs are inherently dangerous due to the lack of attention paid to their upkeep and the fact that most don’t have railing that may keep one from slipping and falling over the edge. A recurring problem for corporations or building owners is that the rooftop is often not visible to those who would be overseeing safety precautions. Tasks as simple as changing water filters or clearing out a rooftop tank can thus be dangerous and put one’s life at risk. Below are some of the tips you can keep in mind when operating rooftops to ensure absolute safety and security for workers and for yourself such as using platform ladders melbourne while climbing on the roof.

Use the Buddy System

An important rule to follow is that you should never, ever go on the roof alone. Ever. It is plain and simple. Going to the roof alone isolates you and in case something goes wrong, you are stranded without protection. Having company can offer support and security. If something happens and you are in immediate danger, having someone means you can get immediate help and they can call others to get you out of the situation. Roofs can also be generally unsafe spots so make sure that you do not go there alone and take all precautionary measures.

10-20 Minute Safety Checks

If you have to go on the roof alone, a good way of ensuring safety is by keeping a 10-20 minute safety call check. Means of communication with a co-worker or someone inside the building can help you pull out of a life threatening situation. Otherwise, keep a phone, radio or any other contraption that can help you form a link with someone who can rush to you in case of danger. Additionally, we recommend safety checks every 15-20 minutes during and after work hours as well so you can see if all workers have left safely and no one is stuck on the sight for any reason.

Schedule Inspections Daily

The roof always seems like the last place to check if any problems occur. It is however, due to this very reason that things can go wrong easily if attention has not been paid to the roof upkeep. Rot can occur due to weather changes and other reasons, such as water leakages, causing soft spots that might break in. Breakage may occur on the work platform causing it to become unstable and severely putting lives in danger both inside the building and those that are situation on top. Anchor points mounted on roofs also require inspections and for this purpose, we recommend always keeping someone on watch just for this reason so detection of any such issue can be made.

Maintain Rooftop Rescue Plans

Personal fall arrest system for roof access should be maintained at all times. Most of the time, plans and precautions are set in place at the beginning of the project but there is usually no clear method to take out the action. If the roof caves in, what will you do in the event that a rescue needs to be made? Someone could be falling off the roof despite securing personal fall arrest equipment and can put lives at risk. Do you have a team dedicated solely to avoid such incidents and rescue people in need? Do you have the correct gear and tools? Does the rescue squad have the necessary response time? It is essential to put your plan in place and be clear about instructions and actions.