You are likely involved in a business or a camping enthusiast when you own a utility vehicle. The heavy load handling of these activities means that your Ute meets requirements.

However, some Ute trays do not make the grade for the heavy-loading requirements you need. You don’t have to get frustrated when this happens for Ute trays can be changed and customised to your needs and preferences.

With this said, how can you avail of a custom Ute trays if unsatisfied with the one you have right now?

The latest trend across the globe today is car customisation. With this popular trend, it’s hardly surprising to see Ute trays enter the equation. Custom Ute trays allow owners of utility vehicles to select features that work for their needs.

Yet, knowing what exactly you’re gaining with a customised Ute tray is the smartest way to spend your money and time.

Custom Ute trays provide multiple benefits, including:

Increased storage capacity

In general, Ute trays provide you many storage options. The storage options provided by Utes are more than what trucks can give. However, when you want to maximise storage benefits, custom Ute trays are the way to go. With a customised tray, you can load everything from furniture to plants without worrying about special care.

Practical and safe option

Customising your Ute tray allows you to meet all your loading and storage needs and requirements. Opting for a customised tray provides you access to a wide variety of accessories. However, prioritizing function over style is recommended as going for convenience is always best.

Space and comfort

Many people think that space and comfort are not provided by Utes. The best solution to make the Ute comfortable and spacious is to opt for a customised job. The endless designs and layouts available with customised Utes allow you the flexibility and freedom to get both comfort and function in one go.

Space and comfort should never be compromised. Opting for a custom Ute tray provides the perfect answer to comfort and space.

Fitted for your needs

If your job or business needs you to be “on wheels” most of the time, a customised Ute tray is the best choice. If your business or work is in construction, a custom Ute tray offers the extra space needed to carry and store your tools and materials.

If using the Ute is for recreational purposes, that extra storage space you get from a custom job allows you to safely and easily carry your camping and sports gear.

Better organisation of your various items

The extra space provided by a custom tray allows a better organisation of all your items. Various equipment and tools can be separated using drawers. Putting everything in place saves you time and hassle when you need a piece of specific equipment or tool on a job site. The hassle of rooting through a jumbled mess of tools and equipment is avoided with properly stored tools and equipment.

Your personal preferences are the determinants for the way you customise your Ute tray. The flexibility of the tray deck design allows you a variety of custom design options. Life on the go becomes more convenient and safe with the distinct advantages provided by customised Ute trays. Contact us at to know more about our custom Ute trays.