Are you wondering about the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking? If you have considered installing GPS tracking devices into your vehicles, the following is the list of benefits which comes with it:

GPS vehicle tracking leads to improved productivity

While it’s essential for employers to know where the drivers are at the current moment, frequent calls can be quiet distracting. It is also one of the ways in which the driver’s time is wasted. Imagine having to contact each and every driver from your company to know their current location at the present moment. However, if you are able to see all the vehicles on a live Google Map then you can eliminate all those unnecessary calls. Also you would know the travel route of each of the vehicles and therefore you don’t need to call them to ask them where and what they are up to.

In other words the tracking system can help enhance the productivity of your business by allowing you to know all the necessary information that you require.

Better customer service

Instead of giving your customers an approximate time you can tell them exactly when and where their parcel would be delivered. This makes it easier for them to keep a track of all the deliveries and in a way improve your customer service as well.

This is especially handy in case of a critical or an urgent delivery. Sometimes the customer might need to know exactly how long it is going to take for a certain item to be delivered. It is much better than replying than that the driver would be around at so and so time instead of an approximate an exact time can be given to them.

It provides safety to the field staff and the drivers

During bad weather conditions most of the employers are worried about their field staff. If there is a vehicle tracking device which can track their whereabouts, it can put the management at a great deal of ease. It is also useful when a particular driver hasn’t reach the destination on the suggested time. GPS tracking device enable the field workers to respond in a timely manner to any potential safety issue.

Faster recovery for vehicles

Sometime it might happen that one of the vehicles from your feet might get stolen. If you know the exact location using the GPS technology you would be able to recover your vehicle in a timely manner. This would also help reduce the instances of vandalism and damage to your precious fleet. The quick response time to the theft can increase the likelihood of recovering the vehicle.

Reduced paperwork

With GPS tracking systems, you can be assured of 3 to 4 minutes location logs. This is important information and it is presented in such a simple way that you can easily keep track of all the vehicles in the fleet. It can effectively replace paper-based log books. In fact all the reports on speeding, extra long stops, extra mileage and the number of hours which have been spent travelling on a daily, weekly and monthly basis becomes easily accessible with the simple click of a button.